Superman 28 – Wolfingham’s cyclone, and Lois Lane – Girl Reporter begins


The cover of Superman 28 (May/June 1944) has Superman between Hercules and Atlas, and while the last story in the issue itself does have Superman meet Hercules, the absence of Atlas in a significant role makes it feel more like coincidence than design.  And as that story makes such a mess of Greek mythology, and is revealed as a lie, I’m just going to skip over it.


J. Wilbur Wolfingham makes his second appearance in this tale by Cameron, Yarborough and Roussos.  He gets picked up by a cyclone, and dropped down amid some devastated farms, and sees an oil barrel fall into a well.


Wolfingham buys up the ruined farms cheaply, but then uses the well to con the farmers into believing there is oil around.  He sells them back their land at inflated prices.


Lois and Clark come out to cover the story.  Wolfingham kidnaps Lois and leaves her hanging in a well. Superman saves her, and creates a real oil well.  Wolfingham stories usually end with his former marks winding up better off than at the start, but his attempts to harm Lois never seem to get punished.


Lois Lane begins her own series, which will run for the next couple of years in the interior pages of this book.  Cameron and Dobrotka helm the first story, which has Lois sent out by Perry White to cover a jumper on a ledge.


Heading on to the ledge to talk him down, Lois instead gets frustrated with the man and encourages him to jump.  She then falls off the building herself.


Lois survives the fall by fluke, although she seems to take credit for it, all proud that she succeeded at surviving without Superman’s help.

It’s not a really auspicious start to her solo series.



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