Superman 29 – the Prankster makes wishes come true, and Lois Lane goes to a bakery


Lois Lane gets featured on many of the covers in which her solo stories run, as with the cover of Superman 29 (July/Aug. 44).


The Prankster returns, a few months after appearing in Action Comics, escaping from prison but getting hit by a car.  Still, the few bandages he has on his face during this Cameron and Dobrotka tale do keep Superman from recognizing him at first.


With the aid of another con man and a hollow statue, the Prankster sets up his Wizard of Wishes scam. It’s a long con, involving genuinely making people’s wishes come true.


When Superman tries to put this to the test, the Prankster comes through, simply for the greater publicity.  Lois also has her suspicions, which he result in her getting kidnapped twice during the course of the tale.  Eventually, a rich enough mark comes to the Wizard for the Prankster to make his move – and Superman swoops in to catch him again.

But the Prankster is back in Action Comics within a few months.


Lois Lane’s second outing is more impressive than her first.  Cameron and Dobrotka are joined by Roussos as she is sent out on an assignment she finds humiliating, to write a “household hints” column.  The story introduces an obnoxious loudmouth Planet reporter, Steve Bard.  Clark Kent also gets a cameo in the tale, but does not appear as Superman.


Heading to the bakery, Lois gets suspicious when she sees known criminals going in and out.  When she tries to buy a loaf of bread on the counter, and it is taken away from her, she knows she is on the right track.  A little persistence, and Lois discovers that an illegal lottery is being run through the bakery, with the lottery slips concealed in the bread.

She alerts the police, and turns her “woman’s assignment” into a front page scoop.  That’s how it’s done, Lois!


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