Superman 31 – Luthor’s tuning fork, and Perry White’s opinion of Lois Lane


Back to a generic cover for Superman 31 (Nov/Dec. 44).


The issue opens with a less then impressive Luthor story, despite being by Bill Finger, Sam Citron and George Roussos.  The art is really not up to it’s usual standard.


Luthor looks completely crazed in this tale, in which he constructs tuning forks capable of shattering open bank vaults, and paralyzing Superman.  Luthor hopes the sonic vibrations will be able to kill Superman, but they aren’t.


The last page is the best, as Superman has to save Lois and destroy the tuning forks.  Luthor believes the hero will have to choose one or the other, but in a good demonstration of super-speed, he achieves both goals.


Perry White opens Cameron and Dobrotka’s Lois Lane story by mocking her about needing Superman to get her stories.  When she responds negatively, Perry apologizes, and admits that he considers her one of the best reporters he has ever worked with.

He then sends her out to cover a movie star’s publicity tour.  Apparently only his best reporters get such easy stories.


When thieves burst in during the interview, Lois believes it is a publicity gimmick, and grabs the gun from the startled hood.  It takes her a while to be convinced that she is actually in danger, but once they shoot at her, she gets the picture.

As seems mandatory in Lois’ solo tales, she falls from a great height and survives.  Perhaps surviving falls is critical for a reporter.  She also starts a landslide that buries the thieves, and although this was accidental, she claims the credit for their capture.  Or deaths.



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