Superman 34 – Lois uses a mop, and Superman sprinkles stardust


Superman promotes the Red Cross on the cover of issue 34 (May/June 1945).  The war was still going on, and the first story in the issue has Superman supporting and promoting the navy.  It’s well intentioned and patriotic, but kind of dull.  Much like the cover.


Ellsworth is joined by Citron and Roussos as Lois Lane goes to pick up a deposition, only to be tricked into framing Perry White for murder.


The moment Lois figures out what is going on, she springs into action.  Don’t mess with Lois!


She grabs a mop and spreads water all over the floor, which takes down most of the other bad guys.  She whacks a few more with the mop, before pulling a candy gun on them, and bringing them in.

Good job!


Finger, Citron and Roussos make everyone sleepy in this story.


Superman is puzzled when people all just start falling asleep wherever they are.  He finds two others who are not affected, and determines that their possession of a red ore is what keeps them safe.


He finds that the source of the ore is a downed alien rocket, and that Luthor is working with the aliens to rob people while they sleep.  A heck of a huge plan with that as the goal.


Superman pounds the ship into dust, then flies all over sprinkling it in the air, so that everyone inhales the dust, and are instantly cured of the sleep effect.


The aliens are so upset that the plan didn’t work that they just blow themselves up.  Clark ponders whether Luthor was with them at the time, but strolls casually to work.  Nothing special here, clearly.



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