Superman 35 – Wolfingham as publicity agent, and Clark Kent explains why men make better reporters


Sadly, none of the stories in Superman 35 (July/Aug. 45) have anything to do with the cover.


Wolfingham, last seen a few months earlier in World’s Finest, returns with a fairly good scam in this Cameron, Yarborough and Roussos tale.


After getting publicity for a fairground by manipulating Superman, Wolfingham signs some big contracts to promote people.


He hires doubles to impersonate and publicly embarrass them, then sues the papers, providing real alibis for those involved.


Superman gets suspicious the moment he finds out who their publicist is.


The scam gets even better.  He guarantees the huge boost of good press and good feeling each of the impersonated people will get – but demands even more money, or he will expose them.


It all has a positive ending. Superman catches Wolfingham and makes him give the money to charity. The people who wanted promotion learn to value just being themselves.

Wolfingham returns in this book the following year.


Clark mansplains to Lois that women rely too much on luck and intuition for their stories to be as good as men at being reporters, in the Cameron and Dobrotka story.  Lois does not break her hand punching Clark in the face.  Instead, she decides to prove him wrong.


And then, through luck and intuition, stumbles into a crime nest and triumphs over them, getting a front page story out if it.

And though one does laugh at Lois along the way, she does succeed at her goal, unwilling to let anything get in her way.


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