Superman 36 – Mr. Mxyztplk mines for gold, and Lois Lane goes to the beach


I’m not even going to comment on the cover for Superman 36 (Sept/Oct. 45).


Cameron, Yarborough and Roussos bring back Mr. Mxyztplk, who decides to become a ruler on Earth, which he believes will come when he gets lots of gold.


So he arrives in a small town in Central America, which sits on a huge gold mine.  He pretends to be a ghost, to scare the people away.  Superman comes down to investigate the ghost stories.


The battle between the two does get crazy, as Mxyztplk tries to destroy the entire town.


Superman only wins by explaining to Mxyztplk that gold does not equate power in the way the imp believes.  Then Superman hits him repeatedly with a cactus at super-speed until he says his name backwards and goes away.

Mr. Mxyztplk returns early in the next year.


Ellsworth and Citron send Lois and Clark to the beach in this story.  They get through a whole page of talking politely to each other, so you know they are remarkably relaxed.


Lois finds a gold coin, which leads her to come out late that night and investigate.  She stumbles into a crime, and down a hill.  Sadly, she does call out to Superman for help on this one, but Clark is clearly fast asleep.





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