Superman 37 – the Prankster’s present, and Lois grabs the blowtorch


The Prankster, who had just appeared the previous month in Action Comics, get the cover of Superman 37 (Nov/Dec. 45).


Cameron, Dobrotka and Kaye have the Prankster pull his usual tricks on practical jokers in this story.


The pranks he sets up for them are deadly, and Superman has to spend his time saving potential victims, allowing the Prankster’s men to pull off robberies.


Still, it’s kind of run of the mill for the character.  There is a nice bit at the conclusion, as the Prankster has replaced Clark Kent’s birthday present for Lois with a rigged compact.  Superman has saved the day, but Clark winds up in the doghouse.


Lois Lane notices tree branches spelling out the word help in a number of ads that have run in the Planet, in this story by Ellsworth, Citron and Kaye.  She points this out to both Clark and Perry White, but neither think anything of it.


Pursuing the lead on her own, she finds the artist being held captive, and being forced to make plates for counterfeit money.  Lois grabs a blowtorch, and has no hesitation using it against the kidnappers.  Of course, she winds up with yet another front page scoop.


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