Superman 38 – Luthor throws an atomic bomb, and Lois knows her geography


Superman reads the latest issue of Batman on the cover of issue 38 (Jan/Feb. 46).


The lead story in this issue, by Cameron, Citron and Roussos, claims to have been written earlier but kept aside due to government secrecy about the atomic bomb.  I highly doubt that this is true, as the atomic bomb in the story bears no resemblance to the real thing.


Lois and Clark are sent out to investigate a region where the rocks have been melted, and plants and metallic objects bizarrely warped.  Hoods try to scare them away, convincing them that they are on the track of something big.  Luthor has been working on an atomic bomb, though he spends much of the story in his weird new spaceship, using a molecular impulsion beam instead.


As usual, Luthor’s weaponry is strong enough to stun Superman, but not strong enough to kill or defeat him.


At the climax of the tale, Luthor throws his hand-held nuke at Superman, but it explodes harmlessly, and without apparently giving off any significant amount of radiation. Frankly, considering what we now know about nukes, I think Luthor’s invention was a flop.


Lois Lane is sent out by Perry White to do an interview with a famous explorer who has just arrived in Metropolis, in this Ellsworth, Citron and Roussos tale.


Lois catches some errors the man makes during the interview, referring to the Amazon as being north of the equator, for example, and figures out that the man she in interviewing is an imposter.  Lois trails him, and finds the real explorer.  For once, Lois gets to free someone else held captive.


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