Superman 39 – Superman on the radio, Lois Lane at the wedding reception, and Wolfingham matchmakes Lois and Clark


The Adventures of Superman radio show ran from 1940 until 1951, at which time it was replaced by the television show.  Not only the cover of Superman 39 (March/April 1946) makes reference to the long-running series, the lead story features it as well.


Cameron, Shuster and Roussos spin this tale, which claims to tell the true story behind the first broadcasts of the radio show.


Superman is billed to be playing himself, but in reality, an actor is taking the role.  Clark Kent is in the studio, fearing what comes to pass – that a crime lord aims to pull off a subway robbery, while Superman is busy performing.  Superman does show up, and stops the robbery.


That creates a public uproar, as Superman lied about performing on the radio.  He promises he will do the following night.  He puts on a live mike, and hunts down, beats up and captures the mob boss and his men.  It’s notable that two of the excited listeners proclaim their desire to see it on television.  It would be six more years before that would come to pass.


The conclusion of the story openly advertises the radio show, but the story was enjoyable enough to warrant this.


Lois Lane gets sent to cover a wedding reception in this Ellsworth and Citron story, which quickly turns into a case of robbery and fraud.


Lois is in the right place at the right time, but also figures things out pretty quickly, and voluntarily goes down the laundry chute to get to the thieves before they can escape.


Cameron, Yarborough and Kaye put Wolfingham into the middle of the Lois/Clark/Superman triangle in this enjoyable outing.


Wolfingham sets up as a marriage broker, and takes money from couples who are already attracted to each other, but too shy to act.


Lois Lane decides to figure out and expose whatever fraud he might be up to, and comes to him, claiming to truly be in love with Clark Kent.  He gets her to write out a deposition about this.  Wolfingham does not seem at all surprised that a woman he has repeatedly kidnapped and tried to kill would come to him.


But now the story veers into Lois and Clark comedy, as Wolfingham shows Clark the letter, and Lois laughs in his face for believing it.  Superman decides to use her game against her, pretending to believe that she is using him.


And while Superman makes sure that Wolfingham’s other victims get restitution, and married, Lois winds up on the outs with both Clark and Superman.

Wolfingham returns in a few months.


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