Superman 40 – Mr. Mxyztplk meets Susie, and Lois knows her silk


Superman 40 (May/June 1946) must have sold very well, as the cover image was re-drawn and used for another issue a couple of years down the road.


Susie Thompkins, Lois’ lying niece, gets the cover for her first story in this book, her third in total.  Cameron, Yarborough and Kaye add Mr. Mxyztplk to the stew, and the result is a pleasure.


Susie sees some of Mr. Mxyztplk’s hijinks, but when she tells Lois, Susie is assumed to be lying, yet again.  Superman has discovered that Mxyztplk is back in town, and believes Susie’s story, but that does not impress Lois Lane either. In her last outing, Superman made Susie’s lies come true.


Mr. Mxyztplk takes on that job, and does a much more impressive job of it.


Mr. Mxyztplk introduces himself to Susie, and encourages her to think up some really good wishes.  Susie talks to Superman about this.  He suggests that she wish for a re-creation of Zrff on Earth.


Superman then builds it himself, puzzling Mxyztplk.  Superman plays on his confidence, makes him think his vision is going, and challenges him to read signs of increasing distance, the last of which says Klptzyxm.


The sexism never ends in the Lois Lane series.  Ellsworth, Citron and Kaye open the story as Perry White sends Steve Bard out to investigate some silk thefts, while Lois is sent to cover a kite meet.


Lois spots a kite made of silk, and, questioning the boy, gets on the trail of the hidden bolts.  She even uses the silk to take down the thieves.


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