Superman 42 – Wolfingham and the amazingly stupid businessmen, Lois Lane ends, and Clark Kent dies


You can tell that Lois is totally faking enjoying Superman’s performance on the cover of issue 42 (Sept/Oct. 46).


J. Wilbur Wolfingham returns in a story I do not care for, by Cameron, Yarborough and Kaye.  He convinces three self-made millionaires to pay him huge amounts of money in order to start from scratch again.


It’s really absurd to think that anyone would fall for this, particularly successful and shrewd businessmen.  But they allow him to set their contracts, and force large penalties.


Some fun art as Superman puts everything right.  Not one of Wolfingham’s better stories.  He returns in a couple of months in Action Comics.


Lois Lane’s series comes to an end with a story by Ellsworth, Citron and Kaye.  She is walking with her rival reporter, Steve Bard, and they see an odd confrontation in front of a house with a moving van.  Steve has no interest, but Lois does.


Lois uncovers a furniture theft ring, follows the thieves to a bowling alley, lacquered the balls so the get their fingers stuck, and then throws pins at the rest.

She gets a front page story, but Steve still disses her.

Lois Lane’s series ends as a result of a page reduction.  Steve Bard is part of the inspiration for the 70s character Steve Lombard, and makes an actual return in a Mrs. and Mrs. Superman story in Superman Family in the 80s.

Lois will begin taking leading roles in some Superman stories, sort of continuing her own series, until it eventually spun out into her own book in the late 50s.


Alvin Schwartz joins Yarborough and Kaye for a classic tale, in which Clark Kent gets buried.


Clark was off covering an arctic expedition.  When he supposedly sailed off, he flew back to Metropolis as Superman.  He changed back to Clark, only to be spotted by Lois Lane as an explosion erupts from below him.  No way to pretend to survive that, he flees.


So Clark gets buried without a body.  Superman takes on a new identity, becoming a reporter, but loses the job because of his actions as Superman.


The story continues to play out that way, as Clark tries out new jobs, but being Superman gets in the way, and he stops a lot of small crimes along the way.


Superman is clearly relieved when Lois Lane provides a way out of the story, with Clark not possibly have been able to get back to Metropolis in a day.

A nice way to play out Superman in a variety of other occupations.


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