Superman 44 – The Toyman’s philanthropic toys


The Toyman makes the cover of Superman 44 (Jan/Feb.47).


Cameron, Yarborough and Roussos helm this tale, in which the Toyman takes advantage of the greed of businessmen who want to be considered generous.


The Toyman builds elaborate children’s toys, which he gives to the men, for them to present as presents.  He guarantees free repairs as well – and the toys all promptly break.  But they were really spy devices, which get monitored when brought in to be fixed.


Superman not only goes after the Toyman, but also the businessmen, publicly humiliating them with parade balloons.


This is also a trap for the egotistical Toyman, who attacks the balloon representing him, putting him right in Superman’s hands.

The Toyman returns in a couple of issues.


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