Superman 47 – the Toyman’s castle, and Susie speaks the truth


Perhaps he is juggling in his sleep on the cover of Superman 47 (July/Aug. 47).


The Toyman is back, in a Cameron, Yarborough and Kaye story that jumps around a lot, but works because of the great visuals.


It begins with the Toyman in prison, making functioning models, promoted as “crime does not pay,” but in reality giving instructions to robberies.


The the Toyman breaks out of prison, and promptly sets up a phony fortune telling booth, using handwriting samples he can re-use for forgery.


But as soon as Superman gets on his case, he kidnaps Lois Lane and sets her up in a pretty cool death-trap in his personal castle.

Superman frees Lois and defeats the Toyman, of course, but that’s not the fun part.


Susie returns, with stories in both this book and Action Comics this month.  Here, Cameron, Yarborough and Kaye have Susie get in trouble for not lying.


Lois Lane makes her niece promise to only tell the truth on this visit, and lets her explore the zoo on her own.


But what does Susie see but some elephants rising to vanish into the sky.


So Susie just gets disbelieved and scolded when she relates this.  Lois is furious, but Clark believes the girl, although puzzled about what occurred.  But the elephants disappearance is confirmed, and Lois has to admit Susie was right.


The rest of the story deals with the thefts, which were done by blimp.  Not bad, but it played it cards too soon.


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