Superman 48 – Luthor steals the sun


Making the blacksmith feel badly about himself on the cover of Superman 48 (Sept/Oct. 47).


Siegel, Sikela and Roussos give Luthor big goals in this story, as he steals the sun.


One minutes it’s there, and then it’s not.


People turn the lights on, and worry about freezing to death, but there are no other apparent effects.  Superman builds a big underground city, apparently large enough for the entire population of the US, but Luthor destroys it with a heat ray.  He is demanding to become world dictator before he will return the sun.  He also kidnaps Lois Lane, just for the heck of it.


Superman eventually finds Luthor’s ship, which he uses to block the sunlight from reaching the US.  At least this explains why there are no effects in terms of heat or gravity.  And once he finds the ship, Superman has no trouble winning.


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