Superman 49 – the Toyman pleads innocence, and Lois travels the world


Lois Lane’s story get the cover spot, although Superman is clearly the focus on the cover of issue 40 (Nov/Dec. 47).


The Toyman opens the issue, in a story by Cameron, Sikela and Roussos.


The Toyman escapes from prison, vowing vengeance on those who testified against him in his trial.  They promptly begin to get killed off, using practical joke toys.


He contacts Superman, and insists that he is innocent of the murders.  Despite being guilty of escaping prison, Superman leaves the Toyman on his own, while pursuing the case, to find the real killer.


This gives the Toyman ample time to kidnap Lois Lane again.  Superman does find the real murderer, but has to free Lois and capture the Toyman on his flying hobby horse as well.

Should have just tossed the Toyman into prison when he had the chance halfway through the story.


Cameron, Sikela and Roussos close the issue with a story dealing with Lois Lane.  A rival paper, the Examiner, has been pulling a lot of successful publicity stunts.  Lois Lane suggest she travel the world,like Nelly Bly, but use local forms of transportation, changing daily – even though that is incredibly impractical.


Perry White thinks its a great idea, and ships her out.  Superman tags along throughout the tale, but Lois is never aware of the actions he takes to speed her along, and protect her from the deadly machinations of the Examiner staff, who do all they can to stop her journey.


Superman is so successful at keeping her safe that Lois has no idea anyone is after her.  Mind you, she also believes she is riding a real flying carpet at one point.


And in her ineffable Lois Lane way, she roller skates into the man responsible for the Examiner’s plots against her, winding up stopping the criminal on her own.


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