Superman 51 – Mr. Mxyztplk marries Lois Lane


Lois’ muffins hurt Superman’s foot.  ha ha ha.  yeah.  Anyway, that’s the cover we get for Superman 51 (March/April 1948).


Mr. Mxyztplk returns in a really fun tale, by Schwartz and Mortimer.


There seems to be a new king in Zrfff, a more alert one, who needs to marry off his daughter, and picks Myztplk for the groom.  He lies, claiming to be engaged to Lois Lane, and heads to Earth to marry her.


Lois insists that Mr. Mxyztplk would have to prove himself as good a reporter as she is, for her to marry him.  Bizarre, but a way into the next phase of the tale, as the imp uses his magic to outdo her.  Perry White puts them into a direct competition, to get a three question interview with Superman.  Seems an easy one for Lois.


But Mxyztplk outwits her, and gets his answers during battle banter with Superman.


Lois lives up to her words, and heads to the altar.  But Superman tricks Mxyztplk into saying his name backwards.

The character has been appearing a lot in the past couple of years, but slows down, and does not appear again for just over a year.


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