Superman 52 – the Prankster’s crime statues, and Superman in Valhalla


Superman finds a runaway on the cover of issue 52 (May/June 1948).


Schwartz, Mortimer and Kaye send the Prankster out for another round against Superman, and a more deceptive scheme than usual.


The Prankster sets up statues of himself and Superman, working together to commit crimes.  The statues have strange but harmless objects in them, as Superman determines with his x-ray vision, before destroying the statues.  The banks the statues were in front of then get successfully robbed.


Eventually Superman figures out the Prankster’s trick.  In the objects were photographic plates, and behind the statues, the vaults.  The Prankster was using Superman’s vision to power his x-ray camera and learn the combinations.


Edmond Hamilton joins Win Mortimer as Superman heads to Valhalla.


A movie crew get lost while filming on location in the far north, and Superman and Lois Lane head out to hunt for them.  They find Valhalla, complete with Rainbow Bridge and Thor with his powerful hammer.


Superman engages in a bout of challenges with the gods, and proves himself.  But then, they aren’t really gods.  They’re actors, and this is a publicity stunt.


Except they aren’t.  These are hoods, who knocked out the actors and crew and took over the set themselves, in a plan to…don’t ask questions!

Not as good as the 1970s story of Superman in Valhalla.


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