Superman 53 – The Origin of Superman


Superman 53 (July/Aug. 48) bills itself as a 10th anniversary issue, and celebrates that by giving the longest origin for Superman yet published.


The issue also has a letter to the fans, written by Lois Lane, acknowledging all the tributes and success that Superman has achieved over the years.


Jor-El and Lara, Superman’s parents, are introduced by Finger, Boring and Kaye, on their world of Krypton, doomed to destruction because of its unstable uranium core.  Jor-El presents his findings to the Council, but is laughed at.


Jor-El has only a small rocket, able to carry their child, Kal-El.  Jor-El has chosen Earth as his destination, after observing it and figuring out that Kryptonians would have super-powers there.


The rocket lands on Earth, is found by John and Mary Kent.  This is the first time we learn Pa Kent’s first name, as well as the maiden name of Mary – Clark, who the boy is named for.


We see Clark learning about his powers as he grows up, but no mention is made of his time as Superboy, which was already being chronicled in Adventure Comics at this time.  His mother dies, and his father shortly after.  Only then does he move to Metropolis and become Superman.

Kind of astounding that this bare bones was more than had been shown in the ten years since the character debuted.  The fact that Superman himself is unaware of his Kryptonian background is not really dealt with.



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