Superman 60 – Perry White is Superman, and Toyman’s super-brain


Things are not likely to turn out well on the cover of Superman 60 (Sept/Oct. 49).


Superman takes on the identity of Perry White in the first story in the issue, by Boring and Kaye.


Gangsters are trying to kill Perry White, because of his editorials against them.  Superman kidnaps Perry and seals him into a mountain cave.  He could have taken Perry to his mountain citadel, but chose a cave instead.


Superman disguises himself as Perry, but his identity gets exposed.  He continues the masquerade, pretending that he always was Perry White.  The Toyman, Prankster and a glasses wearing Luthor cameo, reacting to the news.


Then Perry White gets out of the cave, and decides to pretend to be Superman, bluffing some criminals until they see through his game. All ends well, of course, but this story is also more typical of what is to come for the next few years, stories that centre on members of the supporting cast.


The Toyman makes a second appearance in this issue, starring in the closing story, by Cameron, Boring and Kaye.


The Toyman has built a computer that plays out simulations and suggests improvements on his head-shaped screen.  The Toyman perfects his crimes this way.


This story also contains one of the rare times that Superman really uses a phone booth for changing costume.


While the story itself is pretty good, and the tricks Superman has to figure out show some real cleverness, it just doesn’t feel particularly Toyman.


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