Superman 62 – Orson Welles on Mars, and Mr. Mxyztplk falls in love


Orson Welles stars in the lead story in Superman 62 (Jan/Feb. 50), and gets the cover spot as well.


The story, by Boring and Kaye, begins with Welles on the set of his newest film, “Black Magic,” in which he played Count Cagliostro.  He goes for a drive while on break, and stumbles across a secret project to launch a rocket to Mars.


So off Orson Welles goes to Mars, which is run by Nazi robots.  The leader even looks like a Hitler robot.  Welles manages to get to a radio, and broadcasts an alert to Earth about the forthcoming Martian invasion.


Only Superman believes him, because of that whole “War of the Worlds” thing.  Superman flies to Mars and fights the robots.


Welles gets into the action as well, using his magic skills to divert and defeat some of the robots.  A remarkably good use of Welles as a character.


Mr. Mxyztplk returns in a tale by Schwartz, Boring and Kaye that has him fall in love with a magazine model.


Mxyztplk almost drives the poor girl crazy with his magical stalking. She tells him she wants to fall in love with a hero, so he puts on a Superman costume and starts fighting crime.


He’s enthusiastic, but not that effective, causing stolen money to burn up in the thieves hands, rendering it unreplaceable. At Superman’s suggestion, she gets him to pick a secret identity out of a hat, which is, of course, his backwards name.

Mr. Mxyztplk next appears at the end of the year, in the pages of Action Comics.


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One thought on “Superman 62 – Orson Welles on Mars, and Mr. Mxyztplk falls in love

  1. Georg February 3, 2017 at 3:39 pm Reply

    What about “The People vs. Superman !” ? (The second story in this issue).

    Love your synopsises !



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