Superman 64 – Professor Lois Lane, and the Prankster’s free thefts


You would expect a story called “Professor Lois Lane” to centre on Lois Lane, but in fact, the cover story from Superman 64 (May/June 1950) gives Clark as much of a role.


Both get honourary degrees, and are asked to teach classes at a local university.  Lois is dismayed at all the attention Clark gets from the young co-eds, although there is a young student doting on her as well.


Superman solves some crimes, and the two kids get match-made.


Nice art by Swan and Kaye on the Woolfolk Prankster story in this issue.


The Prankster does not escape at the start of this story, he has actually served his sentence.   His last appearance was only a couple of months earlier, so clearly the extremely brief sentences given out in Metropolis are an issue.  Being free, the Prankster decides that his latest series of crimes should be based on things that are considered free, like free samples that turn out to be drugged.


Or laughter, like using laughing gas to overcome guards.  Swan’s art helps, as I for one am getting tired of the constant Prankster tales.  Longer prison sentences are clearly the answer!



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