Superman 66 – Superbaby vs the Prankster


It’s back to a generic cover with Superman 66 (Sept/Oct. 50).


Woolfolk, Boring and Kaye put together a better than usual Prankster story in this issue, which returns the character to his unusual, original, body shape.


The Prankster and his henchmen escape from prison, and wind up literally falling into the Fountain of Youth.  He takes big payments from people, starting with a former child star, to return to their youths.


When Lois Lane begins investigating the star, he tries to spike her drink with the Fountain of Youth water.  Clark Kent winds up drinking it instead.


Superman is then stuck going through the rest of the adventure as Superbaby, getting quite frustrated by the way people are treating him.


He finds the antidote only by pulling a big hoax on the Prankster, making the villain believe that he has consumed the water as well.



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