Superman 67 – Lois Lane falls for Perry Como


Pop singer Perry Como gets the cover and lead story of Superman 67 (Nov/Dec. 50), a tale by Woolfolk, Boring and Kaye.


The story is nowhere near as good as the Orson Welles one.  Lois has a massive crush on Como, and enters a contest to sing a duet with him.  She sounds awful, except when she has a cold.


her record gets destroyed, but Superman reconstructs it.  It’s fairly impressive, but now Lois cares nothing for Superman, only for Perry Como.


Como himself gets concerned about Lois Lane’s unstable behaviour, and calls on Superman for help.  But Superman, likely jealous, refuses to help him.

In the end, Lois Lane’s cold clears up, and she can no longer sing with Perry Como.



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