Superman 69 – the Prankster and the Trickster


The Prankster has been making a lot of appearances, but the one in Superman 69 (March/April 1951) is indeed cover-worthy.


Woolfolk, Boring and Kaye spin this tale, as one of the Prankster’s men successfully pulls a prank on him.  While the others are terrified, the Prankster is delighted, and takes the guy on as his apprentice.  They work on job together, and the new guy begins to think he is as good as the Prankster.


So he decides to become a villain in his own right, the Trickster.  He pulls off some thefts of his own, using similar gags to the Prankster.


Then he begins pulling demeaning crimes, dressed as the Prankster, to further humiliate him.  Superman is barely needed as these two are so busy trying to take each other down.


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