Superman 70 – Lois Lane and Annie Oakley, and Superman surrounded by kids


Although almost certainly inspired by the success of the musical “Annie Get Your Gun,” no reference to it is made in the lead story from Superman 70 (May/June 1951), by Schwartz, Boring and Kaye.


The story does not deal with time travel or an impersonation, instead, it’s about a local girl whose skill with a gun leads her to be nicknamed Annie Oakley.


Her shooting skills are so impressive that word reaches Metropolis, and Perry White decides that the Planet should do a story on her.


When she lives up to her reputation, Perry decides to hire her as a bodyguard for Lois.


Lois is not keen on having a bodyguard, and does her best to shake Annie, heading down into the subway while Annie is on horseback. But hoods are trailing Lois, and try to take advantage of her shaking her bodyguard, leading to a fight in the subway, with a horse on the tracks.


The story weaves into romance territory, as Superman enlists Annie in a bizarre plan to convince Lois not to rely on Superman, a plan that involves humiliating her and dousing her with water.  Annie thinks Lois Lane and Superman are both nuts, and heads back to the country.


The Prankster is back, yet again, in a story by Hamilton, Boring and Kaye.


This time he uses children to divert Superman, spurring on a contest by the Planet for the child who wrote the best story about Superman.  This guarantees that Superman is surrounded by kids at all times, and can not get away to chase the Prankster.


The story spends a lot of time with characters explaining why the contest cannot be called off, but eventually Superman gets the kids to swarm the Prankster instead.



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