Superman 74 – Luthor uses Jor-El’s weapons


Many later stories will effectively be re-writes of this simple tale, by Hamilton, Boring and Kaye, which has the cover and lead spot in Superman 74 (Jan/Feb. 52).


Luthor builds a device to attract kryptonite meteors, and it pulls down an entire kryptonite vault.  Created by Jor-El, the vault contains Kryptonian weapons that Luthor puts to use.


The weapons have nothing that we would consider specifically Kryptonian about them.  An invisibility ray, reverse gravity bombs and such, which are all cool, but don’t contribute to building the concept of Krypton.


Luthor gets defeated by Jor-El, who left behind a booby-trapped weapon, figuring that anyone who would open and use the weapons would be evil.


Superman gathers up the weapons and the vault and hurls it all into space.



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