Superman 75 – Superman’s real name, and Lois loses her memory


Lois Lane’s memory loss gets the cover of Superman 75 (March/April 1952), but gets the third spot in the issue itself.


After so many appearances by the Prankster in the last couple of years, I am happy to announce that this is his final story until 1954!  Hamilton, Boring and Kaye have the Prankster open a joke school in this story.


Lois Lane becomes one of his students, and begins pulling practical jokes on Superman.  Of course, these jokes are being used the way the Prankster used his – as diversions while he commits crimes.  Despite this, Lois goes on pulling them.


What keeps the Prankster out of jail in this story is simply Superman’s refusal to give his true name in court.  Intriguingly, when he does so, it is Jor-El the second.  The name Kal-El has not yet been conceived of!


And now we move onto the cover story, as Woolfolk and Plastino give Lois Lane some convenient memory loss.


Superman changes his identities, only afterwards noticing that Lois was there.  Before he can do anything, Lois falls victim to a memory loss machine.


It takes a while before Lois even remembers who Superman is, but once she does, she falls for him all over again.  Superman is kind of ok with this situation, as long as Lois does not recall seeing who he really is.


When she finally does regain her memory, it turns out she was blinded by light at the moment when Superman changed costume, and she didn’t see it anyway.


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