Superman 78 – The Beast from Krypton, and Lois Lane meets Lana Lang


Krypton stories are coming strong now.  The previous issue dealt with a scientist who had contacted Jor-El, and travelled by matter-transmitter to Krypton before its destruction, and in Superman 78 (Sept/Oct 52) Finger, Boring and Kaye have the first of many Kryptonian monsters come to Earth.


Jor-El appears in this story as well, helping to create the monster with one of his experiments, and then shooting it into space.  That seems to be his all-purpose answer to problems.


The creature survived in the void of space, and made its way to Earth.  Some great art on this.


The monster begins its rampage, and Superman is surprised at how much trouble he has dealing with it.  Then he spots its collar, and learns his father’s connection with the beast.


The climax has a great demonstration of the cape’s infinite stretchiness, and it even withstands an atomic blast, as the creature dissipates.


Hamilton and Plastino introduce the adult Lana Lang in this story.  Lana had been around for a few years in the Superboy series.


Lana comes to Metropolis, hoping Clark will help her get a job as a reporter.  Perry has no need of her, but she wangles a story out of him anyway, on Superboy.

Lana moves in with Lois, and they discuss their relationships with Clark Kent, and suspicions about him.


The story revolves around an old film tape, which would reveal who Superboy was.  Lana gets the tape, wanting it for her story, while Lois tries to stop her.  Lois isn’t even interested in Superman’s identity in this story, in which she actually behaves nobly, in comparison to selfish Lana.


Superman makes a new film, which shows him and Superboy as different people.  Lana gets a job with a national wire service, and leaves Metropolis.

The next time we see the adult Lana Lang is in Lois Lane’s first Showcase issue, which re-writes and updates this story.


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