Superman 81 – the giant Luthor robot, and the Superwoman from Zor


There’s a blonde Superwoman on the cover of Superman 81 (March/April 1953).


But first we have to deal with the giant Luthor robot, thanks to Hamilton, Boring and Kaye.


Superman has been off in a secret workshop in the mountains.  Probably near his citadel, but no mention is made of that.  Luthor notes the direction Superman keeps heading out in, and finds the place where he has been working on giant inventions, designed to help humanity after Superman’s death.  Despite this, they are also designed to function at Superman’s remote control radio signals.


Luthor figures out how to take control of the machines, and rebuilds some to create a giant robot of himself.  As his robot parades through the streets like King Kong, carrying Lois Lane, Superman jams the robot’s signals, and defeats it.


Woolfolk and Plastino bring a blonde Superwoman into this book.


Tharaka is a mutant heroine on the planet Zor, a scientifically advanced world.  They monitor the crime on Earth, and Tharaka is sent to help Superman out.


But Zor has much lower gravity than Earth, and Tharaka has no powers.  Superman figures this out immediately, and follows Tharaka around, using his powers so that she never figures it out.


Lois Lane almost messes everything up, getting jealous and filming Tharaka secretly – film which would reveal Superman’s actions.  But Superman has used his x-ray vision to blur himself out of it.

While Tharaka does not return, there will be other blonde Superwomen before we finally get Supergirl.


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