Superman 82 – Lois Lane joins the W.A.C.s, and Mr. Mxyztplk’s good machine


Lois doesn’t quite grasp responsibility on the cover of Superman 82 (May/June 1953).


Woolfolk, Boring and Kaye stick an unprepared Lois Lane into the Women’s Army Corps in this story.  Although she only heads down to write a piece on it for the Planet, she winds up enlisting.


Another recent recruit, Gloria Mulvaney, rapidly becomes her enemy.  They spar over Clark Kent, but there may be more going on.  As the story progresses, Lois believes Gloria is a spy.


Actually, Gloria is a just a reporter, for a rival newspaper.  With Superman’s help, Lois gets the better story, and of course Clark isn’t interested in Gloria anyway.


Mr. Mxyztplk is back in this Al Plastino story.


Crime has stopped completely in Metropolis, and Superman finds himself with nothing to do.  Fortunately, there is a crime wave in England, so he flies over where he can do some good.


In the air, Superman discovers a machine created by Mr. Mxyztplk which functions to make everyone happy and law-abiding, but with the side effect of causing dangerous and criminal behaviour elsewhere.  It’s not a bad story, Superman finds it morally difficult to destroy the machine when he knows it will make crime return to Metropolis.

But the bigger thing to note here is the slight change in Mxyztplk’s body and costume.  In both cases, he has been made to look more alien, less human.


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