Superman 85 – Luthor gets a brain operation, and Superman takes on a nerdy scientist


An accurate if not particularly gripping cover for Superman 85 (Nov/Dec. 53).


Boring and Kaye do the art as Luthor proclaims himself a changed man.


Luthor uses a rocket ship to stop a building from collapsing, and reveals his new self, complete with a head bandage.  He has undergone an operation to make him only act for good. Superman doesn’t believe him, but Luthor continues to act as a hero.


Superman gets very suspicious when Luthor starts gathering people’s goods, claiming a dam is about to break.  It does, but Superman discovers dynamite, and reveals Luthor’s big hoax.


Al Plastino does the art on the cover story.


A geeky science professor is tired of getting picked on, and overnight becomes a Superman.


Superman encounters the man, and uses his vision powers to discover his secret – he has built a robot of himself.


Superman spends the rest of the issue boosting his confidence, and getting him a girlfriend, making the scientist believe he has actually gained super-powers.


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