Superman 90 – Superman covers his trail, and steals world monuments


Superman’s past in Smallville is the basis for the cover story in Superman 90 (July 1954).


A noted historian comes to Smallville to write a book about Superman’s early life, and asks the hero for help.  Superman does, but also works to hide all signs that would give away his identity, which is, you know, most everything.


Chiefly, the story is an excuse for Hamilton and Plastino to show Superbaby scenes.


Finger, Boring and Kaye make Superman into Luthor’s accomplice in this story.  Luthor informs Superman that he has rigged the Statue of Liberty, as well as various other monuments around the world, with deadly bombs that will go off if tampered with.  He demands Superman bring him all the monuments.


Then Luthor offers to return them, bomb-free, for a million apiece.


Luthor is shocked when Superman starts throwing the monuments at him.  But these are all fakes.  Superman took the read ones and immersed them in a river to neutralize the bombs.


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