Superman 101 – Luthor’s rebus crimes, and Superman’s rainbow


Oh no!  It’s the colourful hula hoop of doom on the cover of Superman 101 (Nov. 55).


But first, Boring and Kaye open the issue with a really weak Luthor story.


Luthor is all pissed off that Metropolis are opening a Superman museum, with a big sign on it saying “our hero.”  To get vengeance, he embarks on a series of crimes, stealing usually rather worthless objects.  It’s all part of a scheme to rebus out a phrase. Yes, so much for world domination or brilliant inventions, now Luthor is playing word games.


Superman foils this evil scheme before Luthor can spell out “Superman – our blockhead.”  Yup, that was his goal.  This story has never been included in collections of Luthor’s greatest stories.  And it never will be.


The cover story, by Plastino, is not great, but it’s certainly better than the Luthor tale.


An exploding gold ball causes Superman to manifest a rainbow around his waist.  But before Superman can start leading Pride parades, he finds that anything he comes close to turns into glass.


Lois Lane thinks she has away to remain safe, and heads out to Superman, over the objections of Perry White and Jimmy Olsen, but is turned to glass as well.

But this is all a giant hoax, with Lois in on the trick, in order to get some thieves to come out into the open.

Could be worse.



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