Superman 96 – Mayor Mxyztplk


Woolfolk and Plastino put Mr. Mxyztplk back in his green outfit in Superman 96 (March 1955).


It’s election day in Metropolis, and people find themselves compelled to vote for an unknown candidate, Toplik.  Once the results are in, Toplik reveals himself as Mxyztplk.


Mr. Mxyztplk wants to be widely loved as mayor, and spends his time (and magic) doing good deeds for the city. Or at least trying to.


Actually, this story probably has the fewest negative effects of Mxyztplk’s magic, but Superman still wants to get rid of him.


Because Mxyztplk is trying to do every civil job, Superman allows himself to be brought before him, in disguise, while Mxyztplk is acting as a judge, and pulls the name game on him.



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