Superman 97 – Superman’s memory, and Superboy’s farewell


Super-memory is at the core of the cover story of Superman 97 (May 1955).


Finger and Plastino spin this tale. To root out a criminal hiding with hoboes, Clark Kent goes undercover, taking on the identity of a former sideshow performer, known for his amazing memory.  Lois Lane worries about how Clark will be able to fake it, but between his super-memory and his powers, there is little difficulty.


Clark is well-prepared for this one, even to the point of wearing a bullet-proof vest, to conceal his identity when accused of being Superman.  A pretty good story.


Jerry Coleman joins Boring and Kaye for a story that is largely an extended flashback to Superboy’s last day in Smallville.  Clark has graduated high school, and his parents are now dead.  He is heading to Metropolis, and has chosen to let the people in Smallville know that Superboy is leaving as well.


There is some identity covering stuff, but most of this is quite touching, as he performs some last deeds for the benefit of the town, and makes a parting gift for Lana Lang.


The most famous scene in the story has the townspeople form a giant farewell message to Superboy.  This one panel is duplicated in many stories over the years, often to represent this entire tale.


Superboy makes a giant cake for all the residents of the town, some of whom choose to keep their pieces.  Even these Superboy cake slices will return in a later tale.


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One thought on “Superman 97 – Superman’s memory, and Superboy’s farewell

  1. […] left said small towns to move to bigger cities for more opportunities. Granted, I never baked a giant-sized cake for my hometown as a going-away […]


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