Superman 105 – Mr. Mxyztplk becomes a reporter, and Superman becomes a slave


Superman does not look happy on the cover of issue 105 (May 1956).


But first, let’s look at the final story of Mr. Mxyztplk for decades, by Schwartz and Plastino.


The imp decides to adopt a disguise, so that Superman will not be able to find him, and chooses to become a reporter on the Daily Planet.  Once again, this story ignores earlier tales in which Mxyztplk knew Clark was Superman.

Lois Lane could have easily fit into this story, as Mxyztplk is determined to get the biggest scoops for the paper, and uses his magic to ensure this.


But the story is primarily played for comedy, with the two enemies working side by side at the paper, unaware of each other’s identities until the conclusion.

A few years down the road, the Earth-1version of this character would debut, with a slightly different appearance, and name.  The original had to wait until the 80s, and a Mr. and Mrs. Superman story, to come back.


Coleman and Plastino conclude the issue with the cover story, in which Superman winds up landing in a lost city, where the people are subject to slavery.


Superman decides to teach Eldric, the ruler of the valley, a lesson, and so agrees to become his slave. But everything “helpful” that Superman does for him simply causes problems.  In reality, this plan his highly unlikely to cause a ruler to free all his people.


But after being repeatedly humiliated by Superman, Eldric steps down as ruler, and agrees to free his people.  His job done, Superman flies away. Fairly certain that the former slaves then rip Eldric to pieces.


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