Superman 108 – Perry White’s son, and lady cops go after Superman


Before we delve into the silly sexism of the cover story for Superman 108 (Sept. 56), there is another story about Perry White’s son becoming a reporter.


Schwartz, Boring and Kaye make no reference to William White, Perry’s son who became a Daily Planet reporter, in this story, which deals with Perry White’s son Perry Junior, who becomes a reporter on the Planet.


To be fair, this is quite a different, and much better, story than the first one.  Perry’s relationship to his son is not kept as a secret, giving both characters more to play off of.  And Perry Junior spends the story trying to prove that Clark Kent is really a mob boss, Mr. Wheels.

But in the long run Perry Jr. fared no better than William, as neither ever made a return.


Al Plastino does the art as a group of women cops in Metropolis try to prove Superman is Clark Kent.


The story could be worse, I suppose.  None jump on a chair because of a mouse, for example.  But the women are not shown to be particularly capable or clever, and apparently have nothing better to do with their time that harass a reporter.


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