Superman 110 – Luthor’s enlarging ray


It may be a few years later, but I feel safe to say that the cover of Superman 110 (Jan. 57) was inspired by the movie Them!


Luthor develops an enlarging ray in this Finger, Boring and Kaye story, using it on ants, as seen on the cover, but also on a small piece of kryptonite dust that he has found, turning it into a giant rock.


As Superman deals with the various enlarged menaces, a flying saucer also shows up.  The pilot of the saucer begins attacking Superman with mysterious beams.  But Superman fares well against both the giants and the beams.


When the pilot of the saucer publicly concedes to Superman, proclaiming him Emperor of the Earth, Luthor has had too much, and uses his enlarged kryptonite on the hero, only to find that it has no effect.

The ending is a bit much, with the saucer pilot revealed as the real Superman, while the one who stood up to the kryptonite was a Superman robot.


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