Superman 125 – Clark Kent at college, and Superman’s new power


Superman does get a new power in issue 125 (Nov. 58), but it’s nothing like the cover implies.


The second story in the issue, by Coleman and Plastino, is the first in a series of “untold tales” that will be featured over the next few years, and one of the better ones.


As the title implies, this deals with Clark Kent at university, covering his identity with his fellow students, as well as a professor determined to prove he is Superboy.


The story ends with Clark hooked to a lie detector, but passing the test when asked if he is Superboy.  He was not lying.  This story marks the first day he began to think of himself as Superman.


Coleman also wrote the cover story, with art by Boring and Kaye.


It’s a bit similar to the last time Superman got a new power, the cold vision.  Again there is an exploding object from space, in this case an alien ship, which causes his powers to change.


In this story he loses his powers, but gains the ability to emit a tiny Superman, with all his powers, to do his super-deeds.


Superman finds himself becoming little more than the carrying case for the tiny Superman, and begins to resent this new power.  Things get worse when it begins acting on its own volition.


In the end, it sacrifices itself to protect Superman from kryptonite, though Superman wonders if he really sent it to its death.  If he has to wonder, he did it.  But he does get his powers back when the little one dies.


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