Superman 127 – Titano debuts


Binder, Boring and Kaye introduce Titano, the giant ape with kryptonite vision in Superman 127 (Feb. 59).


Clearly inspired by King Kong, the ape begins as a chimp sent into space in a rocket, the way that countries used to do frequently in the late 50s.  For research, or so they claimed.


Anyway, little Titano goes through some cosmic radiation and becomes a giant beast, as well as gaining the ability to shoot beams of kryptonite from his eyes.  I believe the same thing happened to Laika, but the Russians covered it up.


Titano is innocent but destructive, and Superman cannot get anywhere near him.  But Titano trusts Lois, and she gets him to put lead glasses on as part of a game.  Superman then sends the ape backwards in time, leaving him in the prehistoric era to romp at will.

Enjoyable, and leaves a possible return for Titano, which came about a couple of years down the road.



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