Superman 129 – Lois Lane’s ghost, and Lori Lemaris debuts


Oh, Lois is haunting Superman in issue 129 (May 1959), in a story by Coleman, Boring and Kaye.


It’s not a bad story, either.  Lois is interviewing a scientist who has been working on a teleportation machine.  Superman’s x-ray vision causes the machine to explode, and Lois appears to have blown up as well.


Superman finds himself seeing Lois Lane’s ghost, in both his identities.  And though he can see her, neither Perry White nor Jimmy Olsen can.

But it turns out Lois is just out of phase with reality, and it’s when Superman uses x-ray vision that he can see where she is.  There is a very sensitive electric typewriter, and Lois manages to communicate through it, explaining what has happened to her.  Superman fixes the teleportation machine enough to bring her back.


Lori Lemaris is introduced in the final story in the issue, another Untold Tale, by Binder, Boring and Kaye, set during Clark’s college days.


Clark meets and falls in love with another student, a young woman confined to a wheelchair, after coming to her rescue.


Clark proposes to her, but she refuses.  She reveals that she has telepathic powers, and knows he is Superman, but nothing more.  Figuring that there must be something very wrong with any woman who would reject him, Clark decides to spy on her, and begins to believe that she is a foreign agent.


Superman is openly relieved to discover that she is really a mermaid from Atlantis, who had come to the surface world to learn their ways.  She returns to Atlantis at the end of the story, but would quickly become a regular supporting character.


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