Superman 133 – how Clark Kent got his job, and Superman joins the army


Superman joins the army in issue 133 (Nov. 59), but first…


Jerry Siegel and Al Plastino share an Untold Story about how Clark Kent got hired at the Daily Planet, one that ignores the various first meetings of Clark and Perry that had been already related in Adventure Comics.


Clark moves to Metropolis, with no idea what job he intends to find, despite having taken journalism in university.  Only when his landlady accuses him of being a criminal does he decide to become a reporter.  He heads to the Daily Planet, meets Lois Lane (ignoring all other first meeting stories), and despite showing off his impressive memory, gets sent on a loser assignment at the zoo.


Clark turns a dud story into a scoop by disguising himself as a gorilla and getting into a fight with another one.  But Perry is not impressed, as this was an accident.  He sends him out a second time, and again finds fault with him, despite his story.


Perry than gives him kryptonite, and orders him to get a photo of Superman with it.  Really?  This is what you have to do to get hired at the Daily Planet?  Why does Clark not just try another paper?

Anyway, he takes the picture at super-speed, and Clark gets the job he fought so hard for.


Siegel also wrote the cover story, with Boring and Kaye on the art.  Superman gets drafted, and goes through basic training.


The story is largely comic, with the angry drill instructor the butt of the humour, as Superman makes everything easy for the men he is with, no matter how hard the instructor makes it for them.


Superman winds up getting promoted to general, and then allowed to retire.  But he does take one action in his new capacity, promoting the drill instructor.  Gosh, isn’t Superman a nice guy?


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