Superman 135 – Lois suspects Clark is Superman, Lori Lemaris returns, and Mr. Mxyzptlk wants a robot


Superman, Superboy and Superbaby together in issue 135 (Feb. 60)?  Well no, not really.


The issue opens with an Untold Story by Siegel and Plastino, detailing when Lois Lane first started suspecting Clark was Superman.


Rather than go into any established story, this tells a new one, but not a ground breaking one.  Lois notices that Clark is never around when Superman is, and sets out to prove the two are the same.


Luthor has a cameo, but that’s about the only thing that sets this apart from the many other tales of Lois trying to prove the two men are the same.


Siegel does a better job with the return of Lori Lemaris, aided by Boring and Kaye on the art.


Clark overhears fishermen talking about seeing a mermaid, and after a brief flashback to Lori’s first story, goes in search of her, and finds her right away.  They pick up their romance where it left off, and things move pretty fast for the couple.


Superman and Lori get engaged, but then she gets seriously wounded by a nasty dolphin hunter.


Superman brings her back to Atlantis to be healed, but Lori winds up falling in love with her doctor, Ronal, and calls off the engagement.  But does Lori really love Ronal?  Or is this a way to get out of a marriage she secretly does not believe Superman will be happy in?

While no later story actually addressed this, conversations between me and my friends back in the day firmly came down on the latter option.

Lori Lemaris would continue as a frequent supporting character for the next decade, while Ronal would pop up from time to time.


Siegel scripts the final story as well, with Al Plastino on the art.


The story begins with increasingly bizarre behaviour by Superman.  He humiliates Perry White during a party in his honour.


At one point, he seems about to propose to Lois Lane, but again takes the opportunity to cut her down.


Superman turns out to be under the spell of Mr. Mxyzptlk.  While the 1940s version was incapable of hypnotizing Superman with his magic, this one has no problem with it.  In this story at least.  He demands a Superman robot of his very own, and Superman brings him a few to choose from.  So that’s how the visual of Superman, Superboy and Superbaby comes to pass, they are all robots.


Mxyzptlk tries each of them out, finding the older ones to aggressive.  He plays with the Superbaby robot, which is being controlled by Superman.  The robot gets the imp to say his name backwards.


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