Superman 138 – Titano returns, and Lori Lemaris plays matchmaker


Titano returns in Superman 138 (July 1960), in a story by Binder, Boring and Kaye.


It’s not a great story, to be frank.  Superman uses an alien time viewer to check on Titano, but the time viewer is also a teleporter, and he brings Titano back to the present.  From that point, the story basically just replays his first outing, with his rampage, grabbing Lois King Kong-style, and using his kryptonite vision on Superman.


Superman gets Titano to calm down by bringing him the giant coconuts he was about to eat before being teleported.  Then he takes him back to prehistoric times.  But Titano returns the following year.


Lori Lemaris tries to get Superman to propose to Lois Lane in this story by Siegel, Boring and Kaye.


Figuring that Superman ought to settle down, now that she is married, she uses her telepathic powers in an attempt to prompt him to do so with Lois, but it fails.


So she resorts to increasingly bizarre plans, including making Superman see Lois Lane’s face on a whale.  How exactly that will make him marry her is beyond me, but perhaps it makes sense to an Atlantean.  She sets Lois up with another man, but that fails to make Superman jealous.  Finally, she tries exposing his secret identity, figuring that once Lois knows he is Clark Kent, he will have to marry her.

Aquaman steps in to mess up that plan.  This is the first time Aquaman and Lori Lemaris appear in a story together, but as yet there is no explanation for their very different Atlantises.



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