Superman 143 – Bizarro tries to scare people


Bizarro gets to star in the cover story from Superman 143 (Feb. 61), by Binder, Boring and Kaye.


It is the forerunner of the Bizarro World series, opening with an explanation of Bizarro World, and the backwards way they do things.  Bizarro and Bizarro Lois now have two children, so apparently Bizarros age at a much faster rate than humans.


They are shown to watch television shows from Earth, but react in very different ways.  When Bizarro sees an ad for a Frankenstein film, he is enraged that the creature is considered the scariest thing on Earth, and heads there to prove he is the most terrifying.


But Bizarro heads to the film studio, and everyone he encounters assumes, for one reason or another, that he is not what he appears to be, and no one gets frightened.  Superman observes much of this from a distance.


Because Bizarro is getting increasingly upset at not scaring people, Superman causes an electrical discharge, making peoples hair stand up, which Bizarro takes as a sign of fear and leaves happily.  He brings with him a Superman puppet, which is considered scary by his kids.

A really solid tale for a Bizarro story.



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