Superman 150 – remembering Krypton, Lois vs Lana to the death, and everyone forgets Superman


It’s Superman – the attention hog on the cover of issue 150 (Jan. 62).


Siegel and Plastino open this issue as many characters observe a memorial day, marking the anniversary of Krypton’s destruction.


Krypto builds himself a Doghouse of Solitude in outer space.  This has nothing at all to do with the main story, but it is the first time we see this location, which will pop up periodically over the next couple of decades.


After building the doghouse, Krypto joins Superman and Supergirl in the Fortress, where they remember the destruction of Krypton, and their origins.  The Kandorians in the bottle participate as well, recalling how Brainiac shrunk and captured them.  The Phantom Zone prisoners are shown, with Superboy’s enemy Dr. Xadu having a cameo.


Bizarro and Bizarro Lois are shown on their world, joining in on the festivities to mark the cataclysm.


Superman, Supergirl and Krypto head into space, and gather up enough material to build a full scale replica of Krypton.  Then they populate it with androids of everyone who had died, including their parents.

This planet, later called Rokyn, did return a few times.


The feud between Lois Lane and Lana Lang reaches a breaking point in this story by Bernstein and Schaffenberger.


The sparring between the two women gets physical, and they publicly challenge each other to a fight to the death.  They even recruit Jimmy Olsen as the referee.  Of course, they do not really plan to kill each other.  They intend that Jimmy will use his watch to signal Superman, who will come to end the fight, by announcing which of them he chooses.


But Superman suspects that the women are up to something, so he uses robots of Lois and Lana, making each of the women think that they actually had killed the other one.


When Superman brings the two together, they turn on each other, and the fighting begins anew, taking both over a parapet – but these are just robots as well.  The women guessed that Superman guessed that they were up to something.  Oh, my.  The weird and twisted games these people play with each other for our amusement.


Siegel, Swan and Boring conclude the issue with the cover story, in which no one remembers Superman.  Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen and Perry White all know who Clark is, but not Superman.


Superman tries to show off his powers, but finds rocket jets on his belt, and springs on his shoes.  Of course, this is really all that is needed to indicate that Mr. Mxyzptlk is behind it – as he was in the 1940s story this is adapted from.


Once Mxyzptlk’s role is revealed, the story reverts to the name game.



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