Superman 177 – the green kryptonite turns red, and Superman battles It


Oh, will Superman be able to pull his hand out of the blob of concrete on the cover of issue 177 (May 1965)?


The formerly green, now red, narrating piece of kryptonite returns in a story by Binder, Swan and Klein.  The series is now “Tales of Kryptonite,” as the piece is no longer green.


The story is better than the average red kryptonite tale.  Superman gets exposed to the piece, but there are no visible effects from it.  He is feeling pretty lucky, until he finds that he can only speak or write in Kryptonian.  And while this is an annoyance for Superman, it’s far more important when he is in his Clark Kent identity.


Superman attempts to have one of his robots take Clark’s place, but when giving him instructions in Kryptonian, it causes the robot to explode.  That’s one deadly mother tongue.


Another piece of red kryptonite provides the solution.  Superman exposes Krypto to a piece that had once given Beppo the ability to talk like a human, and then has Krypto use super-ventriloquism to project his voice in Clark’s mouth.

As the story ends, a ray mysteriously transforms the red kryptonite into gold kryptonite.  This sets up the next installment, a couple issues down the road.


The cover story, by Dorfman, Swan and Klein, has Superman facing a whirling amorphous blob that is stealing green objects from Earth.


Superman is unable to make any physical contact with the entity, or communicate with it in any way.  He decides to make himself green, so that it sucks him in as well.


He finds himself transported to another realm, where the creatures live in whirling green happiness.  Noticing that they all spin clockwise, he enters a creature and goes counter-clockwise, which gets him back to Earth.  After luring the one still sucking up green things, he reverses its spin, sending it back to its own plane.


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