Superman 182 – the Toyman returns


The Toyman makes his first appearance in over a decade, and his only major appearance during the 1960s, in Superman 182 (Jan. 66).  At least he gets a cover appearance out of it.


Dorfman, Swan and Klein have given the Toyman a major haircut, and have him released from prison after stopping others from breaking out.  He goes into business selling Superman toys, but the toys have the property of forcing Superman to actually do whatever the toy does.  He markets this to criminals, explaining that there is red kryptonite and a transmitter in each of the Superman dolls.


In reality, the Superman performing all the tasks is yet another of his creations, Robo-Toy.  Superman has been away in space throughout the early part of this story.  Once Superman returns to Earth, he sees what the Toyman is up to, takes the place of Robo-Toy, and rounds up the bad guys.

It’s not a bad Toyman story, really, and is the first time he is attributed with the knowledge needed to build robots that pass for human.

But aside from a cameo in a World’s Finest story later in the year, that was it for the Toyman for almost another decade.


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