Superman 220 – Superman and the Flash switch identities


Shooter, Swan and Roussos craft an entertaining team-up of Superman and the Flash in issue 218 (Oct. 69).


The story begins as both men wake up, separately, with no memory of who they are.  Superman is in the Flash’s uniform, and as he can run at super-speed, is content that that is who he is.  Barry Allen has a harder time, waking in Superman’s costume, and thinking he is powerless.


He finds Clark Kent’s id, and assumes that Clark’s appearance is a disguise, which he then adopts.  But he finds trying to be a journalist much more difficult than expected, and raises the ire of Perry White with his poor stories.


Both men are puzzled, and there is a great sequence as they unwittingly sit next to each other on a park bench, and almost confide in each other.  But they both choose to seek out the other hero instead.


Once they are together, and compare notes, things begin to clear up.  They were facing an alien plant creature thing, and traded costumes so that the Flash could be wearing Superman’s invulnerable outfit for protection.  The plant thing proved more powerful than expected, and caused their bouts of amnesia.  But now, with everything straightened out and the heroes in the right costumes, they manage to defeat it.


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