Superman 234 – the Sand Superman, and Jor-El’s sleeping gas


The Sand Superman makes his presence known in issue 234 (Feb.71), as O’Neil, Swan and Anderson continue the storyline.


Morgan Edge sends Clark out to cover a volcanic eruption.  Clark insists that he should be helping out rather than covering the story, and though he thinks Edge is an asshole for ordering him otherwise, Kent is journalist, in Edge’s employ.  Gotta side with Morgan Edge on this one.


The Sand Superman begins the fly, and finds itself drawn to its “creator.”


But as Superman discovers, as he deals with the volcano, when the Sand Superman is near, he gets weakened and loses some of his powers.  The two do not yet meet, or get closer than being able to see each other.


The second World of Krypton story brings back the Rainbow Disintegrator weapon introduced years earlier in the pages of Superboy, and delves into the story of its creator, Ton-Et, elected to the Science Council on the basis of his invention.


Once on the Council, he argues that all convicted felons should be disintegrated using his new device.  Jor-El argues against that.  He has developed a new sleeping gas, and proposes gassing felons and shooting them out into space in rockets.  No half measures on Krypton!


Working with Jax-Ur, Jor-El finds evidence proving that Tron-Et is actually a crime lord, and wanted to disintegrate the ones who could reveal his true nature.  So Tron-Et winds up being the first one put to sleep and shot into space.



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